The Polygamist’s Daughter

The Polygamist's DaughterThe Polygamist’s Daughter by Anna LeBaron

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What do you do when bad things happen in your life?
What do you do when your whole life is fear, abuse and mind games?
What do you do when religion is used to defeat and control you?
What do you do when you have a window to escape? Are you brave enough? Strong enough?
What do you do when you fall in love with a God who is crazy about you? Loves you?
This little girl proved that with the outreached arms of the Father God, you can be strong enough, brave enough.
This book is not only a history, not only her story, but a tale of encouragement. This book shows us that we can use our hurts not to lash out, but rather to reach out to those who have hurt us and show the world the love of a real, true, loving God.
Men seek to destroy the fame, the story, the truth, the love of God. Religion devours.
But God loves.
This book brings hope. Hope that the Love of God wins.
Anna’s life, her story, her bravery in sharing her story, her bravery in continuing to follow God’s plan for love and redemption is the story of God’s unfailing Love in a fallen and failing world.

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Why I Blog

I started this little blog (ok, technically it was on another blog hosting site) in November of 2009 because I was a stay at home, homeschooling momma who loved to write and needed an outlet for all my many words.

Since then a lot has changed.  I’ve added 2 kids to the mix and have learned a lot along the way.  And my reasons for blogging have changed.

I used to be an aspiring writer.  Now I’m an aspiring momma trying to make it through this chaotic life in one piece and share a bit of inspiration along the way.

So now, this is why I blog:

  1. God says so.  I mean really, sometimes I just can’t stop fretting until I sit down and write something that God has placed upon my heart.  It is never those great, funny, lighthearted moments that God has to push me to post.  It’s the ones like yesterday’s post that requires some God pushing.
  2. Historical record.  Truly.  As I’ve looked over the years I’ve seen so many things that I’ve forgotten that I am so glad I documented somewhere.  Time goes fast.  We think we will remember.  We don’t.
  3. To inspire.  I hope.  I want to bring something to you, my reader.  Joy.  Hope.  Inspiration.  Laughter.  This is perhaps one of my most commented upon posts.  Many people seemed to find something they could resonate with here.
  4. To share some of my short stories.  I like to write short fiction.  Someday maybe… But alas, that requires dedication.  For now, I write for my kids and occasionally post those here. Here is a super short one I am rather proud of.
  5. Lastly, to share recipes.  I like to make sure I can find my recipes later, and often people ask for certain ones (I’m not a spectacular cook, but I have my things…), blogging helps me to be able to quickly and easily share the link.  If you haven’t made the award winning raw apple cake yet, you really should…

So, there you have it.  The 5 main reasons I blog.  Over the next few months I hope to revamp this blog.  It doesn’t function well and I need to play with it some.  Please, feel free to click on the links —–> over there that say things like “Ministry Monday” “Teaching Tuesday” “Written Word Wednesday” “Thoughtful Thursday” and “Fun Friday” to see things I’ve written in various categories. (I believe the recipes are under “Fun Friday”) Your feedback is always appreciated.


I’ve not been doing the usual Facebook “What I’m thankful for every day in November” posts.  I usually do.  I find it helpful to remind myself that I have much to be thankful for. I tend to be a relatively cheerful, joyfilled person.  Or I did…

If you are a good friend, or have been reading my blog for long, you will probably recall we have a rather “interesting”  life as it relates to water and other such things.  Here is the link to the post with the history of water in my world.

I thought I might update you about our water situation and the ongoing saga… And tell you why I am thankful…

We acquired enough tanks to create a buried cistern system holding 4000 gallons of water! And we have a nice friend who shares his water hauling truck and tanks allowing both families to haul 1000 gallons at a time (instead of the 400 we were hauling).  We spent last summer and fall preparing all that is necessary to bury 3 large tanks and the pipe to deliver water into our house.  Then we ran out of money.

So we waited until this summer to finish.  Finally, the first of October brought freshly buried tanks! 4000 gallons of water! Yay! We reached the first step in our water containment plans, finally!

But of course.  I mean this is my life.  Literally within the week of the newly established water system, our old, undersized pump died.  Fortunately we had been given a pump that we were holding as back up.  My sweet husband swapped pumps and away we went.

Then my microwave died.  Then my pizza stone broke.  We laughed.  How likely is that! Ha Ha.  Very funny.  Then my van died.  Like $1200 dead.  Like two weeks of parts and labor and imposing upon my dear friends, dead.  Then life went crazy with my tenants in the old house (we were selling the house on contract).

Finally the van was repaired just in time for our family mini vacation!  Trip to Great Wolf Lodge and IKEA and I was feeling like a somewhat normal person again.

Then my tire on my van got a hole in it.  Like, no patching, need new tires.  Thank God for spares!

Then my husband, whose back had been hurting a lot for over a month, finally got the point where he was unable to get out of bed, or find any comfort in bed.  Steroid shot, pain shot, heavy dose pain meds and he still couldn’t move.  Or lie still.  X-ray. Degenerative disc disease.  Epidural Cortisone injection.  Intense prayer from some amazing prayer warriors.  Five days before he was mostly pain free.  Or at least less pain and able to return to work.  MRI confirms, he is going to need back surgery.

Finally out of pain, hubby returns to work and all is going well.


Yeah… Water.

New pump broke.  10pm.  On a Wednesday night.  Nothing to do.  But again pack up and impose upon loved ones to let us stay.  Dear friends.  Oh, and amidst all of this, we had to continue to deal with tenant issues.  Finally got the house sold, fulfilling the terms of the contract, but costing us money in closing costs, etc, on top of the broken pump.

New pump purchased.  Another good friend, a plumber, helps to make sure the new pump is properly installed.  All is good.  Yay!

Or not.  Cracked fittings.  Pump won’t prime.

Did I mention my husband has to go to work… He has only a few hours a day to work on this, but thankfully his back is hurting very little.

New fittings.  Pump primed.  Yay!

No. Oh, pressure switch is bad.

I’m beginning to get a bad feeling about this.

So.  It’s been a week staying with dear friends.  Crying in their laps.  Wondering why. Why us? Why does nothing ever work?  What is God’s plan? Amidst all of this we’ve had other personal issues as well.  And we wonder why God feels so silent in this.

We’ve been blessed.  So many times.  We forget.  Our attempt to drill a well, futile though it was, was paid for by an anonymous donor.  Many friends have provided time, equipment and experience to get things going. Friends have provided us money to help. Each step of the way I have found joy in the blessings.  I have been thankful for each step.  I’ve found humor and irony to keep me going.

But I’m going to be honest.  Joy, humor and thankfulness is something I’m finding very hard to muster this time.

But.  But God. God is great. He is good.  He has a plan.  He has a purpose.  He will not be thwarted by the plans of the enemy.  Though I’m struggling to find joy, humor and thankfulness, I’ve not fully lost hope.  I feel that I’ve lost hope.  But thankfully, our hope is not based on feelings but on a mighty and powerful God who loves us.

So, I know God is in charge.  I know He has a plan.  And that’s all I’ve got.




The Iron Writer

Last fall my dear friend K.A.DaVur (author of Hunter the Horrible, a fantastic tale written for children of vampires and friendship) roped me into joining her in this writing group. I was understandably concerned as I am not a professional.  But the frightful authoress insisted.  And I joined.  

I took my first challenge and won.  I don’t know how!  Since then I have won some but mostly lost.  And yet even when I lose, I find it is so much fun.  

Inside this group of writers is a facebook page where we tease, taunt and support one another.  And I’ve come to realize that this group, while made up of a lot of “professional” writers, is mostly comprised of normal (well, not exactly normal) people.  And while I lose more often than not, I learn a lot each time.  

The concept is simple: 4 writers, 4 elements, 4 days to write 500 words.  Each story must include the elements chosen.  They range from hilarious to heartbreaking.  The readers vote on their favorite story.

If you enjoy writing “flash fiction”, if you want to flex your writing fingers, or if you just want to read new stories each week, I urge you to check out The Iron Writer.  And this week you will find one of my stories in Challenge 74.  Did I mention you get to vote for your favorite?

Welcome Back!

I have been a slacking blogger.

I know most of you have been checking every day, week after week, month after month – hoping and waiting for word from me!

Ok, I realize by now you’ve forgotten I once had this little blog of mine.

The truth is I don’t have Blogger’s Block. I have oh so many things to say. Unfortunately most of them are not things I think would be well said here. So, I pose a question to you, my readers, what topics would you find interesting?

1) Short stories of my creation such as A Tale of Intrigue and Mystery, a much loved piece of total fiction featuring some of my favorite folks.

2) Homeschooling encouragement such as A Time for Everything.

3) Stories about my kids such as The Writing on the Walls.

4) Recipes like Salsa!

5) Just general inspiration thoughts like Treasure Hunting.

Comment below on what types of things you like to read from me,  I’m not needy or anything, but I really like comments!  

Spring Break?

What’s up with Spring Break these days?

When I was a kid, Spring Break was a week off school, as many books as I could read, sleeping til noon, up til Dad yelled at me to sleep.  I sometimes spent the time with my mom (I lived with my dad).  Otherwise, Spring Break was just hanging out at home until you got into college.  In college kids would go on road trips to Florida or wherever.

But most of the families I knew didn’t take trips to Florida.  They didn’t go for two days to a hotel to get away.  They didn’t take special trips.

Now it seems like if you don’t take your kids someplace special for Spring Break, you are not fulfilling your parental obligations.  It is almost expected.

If you took or are taking your kids on a trip (long or short) for Spring Break, great.  Don’t misunderstand my intent here.  I’m just questioning how this became the norm in our world.

I’m really curious so please, answer these two questions if you are willing (I just love comments on my blog by the way…)

1) As a kid, how often did your parents take you on a trip for Spring Break (other than to grandma’s for the weekend, I’m talking vacation or mini vacation here)?

2) As a parent, do you regularly take your kids on some sort of vacation (or mini vacation) for Spring Break?

Crazy Daddy

Yesterday I posted about one thing I do that makes my husband feel loved and special. Today I want to share one thing my husband does that really makes me feel loved.  Every year he goes with me to the homeschool convention.  He doesn’t just go.  He doesn’t just endure.  He eagerly looks forward to going.  He attends classes.  He looks at curriculum. He carries, hauls, pulls and manages all the purchases.  He finds treasures for the children to enjoy.

He is all there.  He doesn’t just go and put in his time.  He doesn’t just check off a requirement to make me happy.  He is all in, all there and committed.  Sure, he gets tired. Yes, he sometimes reminds me that he has no idea which reading book is better.  But he is there, loving me and supporting me.  Opening his wallet.  And, he never, ever, ever reminds me that last year I said I wouldn’t need to buy math again for 6 years because I found the perfect math program, so why am I buying new math again?  He understands. He supports.  And he loves me.  And he is totally crazy!

Any homeschoolers out there preparing for a homeschool convention?