A Beautiful Marriage

I’m beginning a series of posts on How to Have a Beautiful Marriage.
What is a beautiful marriage?

The following definitions of the word beautiful apply here:
Pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically
Of a very high standard; excellent

A marriage that is pleasing to my senses and of a very high standard. This sounds like a marriage I want. Not just a tolerable marriage. Not just a marriage that leaves me content. Not just a marriage that looks good on the outside.

A Beautiful Marriage, one of high standard and pleasing to my own senses. Yes. This is the marriage I want. A marriage that leaves me with joy, peace and deep pleasure.

And this is the marriage I want for you, too.

As you read these posts, please keep in mind that I am writing from my view as a:
1) Christian
2) Woman

If you are either a man or not a christian, please feel free to continue to read. You may still find many nuggets of truth that speak to your heart and affect your relationships. But be aware that I am writing from that viewpoint. The views expressed here do necessarily represent the views of this author.

I hope you find some ideas and concepts in these posts that speak to your heart. If you do, please let me know. I love hearing from you all. And please share if you know others who might enjoy.

Happy Reading!



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