You Are Not Alone

You are not alone.

These words keep coming back to me. As I have tried and tried to write this. To put my heart into words. To share God’s heart with you, His beloved.

You are not alone.

Satan wants to separate you from the love of God. But he knows that he cannot. The Bible tells us in John 10:29 that no one can snatch us from the hand of God. Satan is well aware of this. He cannot take us from the love of the Father.

So he tries to take us from the love of one another. To separate us from each other. To divide and conquer. To kill, steal and destroy the hope that is within us.

My dear friends, God so loves you. Many of us who are Christians and yet struggle with depression, we know, in our heads, that God loves us. He wants the best for us. But our hearts hurt. And every little thing simply hurts our hearts more. Our Christian brothers and sisters hurt us sometimes – intentionally, sometimes ignorantly. And our hearts ache daily.

And depression tears at us. It lies. It lies. It lies.

And depression makes no sense. It’s not rational. It compounds and adds. Any thing you have ever done or not done adds daily to the shame.

We feel that we cannot share the shame. “No one understands what I’ve (my husband, child, parent) has done. If I tell them, they won’t love me.”

You are not alone!

Oh, my friends, you would be so surprised how many people do, can and will understand what you’re going through. Your friends, your neighbors, your pastors and elders, these people are human people, and I can guarantee you many of them have done or experienced some of these very same things.

I’m not advocating airing your deepest darkest secrets to the lady next door, or everyone at church. I don’t think we need to necessarily know each other’s garbage to love one another. I only tell you this to encourage you. Lose the shame and the fear. “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” (Romans 8:1)

Do you see that? No condemnation. Only love.

When you can lose the shame and fear you can open to the people of God. And when we are open to one another we cannot be so easily separated. Lose the shame and fear and seek the love.


In my moments of fear and shame and desperation, God has sent me messages that I am not alone. I’ve learned secrets others have shared in whispered moments of brokenness. Secrets of shame hidden beneath the facade. The facade that protects us from the prying eyes of others, protects our heart from judgement and from love.

It is that very facade, the one we use to protect us, that separates us from one another.

We must learn vulnerability. We must learn to be real. We must risk our hearts to one another to achieve the love that God has for us through His people.

You are not alone.

You. Are. Not. Alone.

We must learn to open the walls around our heart, open our eyes to those around us. See the broken hearts that need tended and learn to tend them.

Guarding your heart while keeping it open is such a hard thing to do. It is painful. It hurts.

But living a closed off life, hiding behind our shame, our fear, our hurt, and closing the doors to our hearts brings only destruction.

Stop listening to the lies. Stop believing “no one will understand”. Walk out of that shame and fear and embrace the love not only of Christ but of His people. Love one another.

Love one another.


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