I Gave Up Cola for a Month and You Won’t Believe What Happened!

I couldn’t help myself. This post just screamed in my head that I need to use a cliche click bait post title.

Anyway, so I’ve been told all the horrors of soda.  And I was feeling pretty bad because I’ve kind of developed a pretty bad habit of having one a day (sometimes two…shh!!). So I decided to challenge myself to give it up for a month.

I drink coke, mostly. I didn’t really set myself any rules, just that I’d give up cokes. For the month of August. And I did. And you won’t believe what happened. Really.


  1. I didn’t lose a pound. Not one. I didn’t really expect a huge weightloss in a month. But I did gain 4 pounds about 2 weeks in… That was less than encouraging. (Don’t worry, I’m back to exactly where I started.)
  2. I didn’t have caffeine headaches. I still had my occasional morning coffee, but even on the days I skipped that, no headaches.  That was a tad surprising.
  3. I didn’t have cravings. The whole month I only had to actually make an effort (and only a small one at that) not to have a coke 4 times. And it was a very stressful month due to things going on in our lives. And I still didn’t have cravings.
  4. I had no more/less trouble staying awake. Caffeine doesn’t really do that to me.
  5. I didn’t suddenly feel better. That was disappointing. 😉

So when I say nothing happened what I mean is none of the things I had been assured would happen if I could give up soda for 30 days happened.

But somethings did happen. I realized I’m actually not addicted to cola. Clearly. I don’t have a caffeine addiction. I realized I truly can enjoy some coke in moderation.

I realized that I often mindlessly drink cokes when I don’t truly want them.

I learned that I do have self control and should learn to exercise it more frequently.

I learned that I can guilt free enjoy myself with my cokes, and that I can make wiser choices and enjoy a lot fewer of them for my own good, without feeling the pressure of the world telling me how horrible it is for me.

Now here is where this post turns and goes off into rabbit hole.

We live in such an “all or nothing” society. We have come to believe that if something is good for you, you have to dive in 100% and if something isn’t good for you then it is 100% evil and to be avoided at all times.

But the truth is somewhere in the middle. The truth is we are much healthier, happier people if we can learn to live a life of moderation. Sure, sometimes we can’t. And of course some things are to be entirely avoided. But mostly life is about making wise choices, indulging in some frivolity and fun and living.

So I am choosing to live a much more intentional guilt free live of enjoyment and moderation. You will likely see me enjoying a coke now and then. And I am not planning to apologize any time soon!

Happy Thursday!



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