What Do You Do With Old Newspapers

Have you ever been looking through some stuff around your house and found an old newspaper? Not like “classic old” where it doesn’t matter what was in it, it is from 1923 so it is cool just because it is old.

Just like, a year old, maybe two. Old enough that you have no idea why you have it. Did you keep it for a reason? Does it have something important inside? Or did you forget to throw it away and it was simply forgotten?

You look it over quickly, but obviously you found it because you were looking for something, so you don’t have time to read it cover to cover to see what information of value it might have.

Now you are in a quandry. Do you keep it?

It might be important.

It might have been important.

You might miss it.


Is it worth the space it is taking up? But you don’t have time to decide, because life is busy busy. You re shelve the newspaper in case it is important, feeling inside like you ought to toss it out but sure you will regret it.

Now for the real question:

Have you ever felt like you WERE the old newspaper?


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