Just a Quick “Hello” and Maybe Some Encouragement for Your Friday

This is supposed to be a short blog post. We’ll see how that goes. I’m long winded (and my husband and children let out a resounding “AMEN!”) and tend to get rambling. Feel free to check out whenever your attention span lags. I think mine may already have gone elsewhere.

This is also intended to be an “ice breaker” of sorts. I haven’t blogged in a really long time. Insanely busy summer plus personal stuff clouding my mind has kept me away. But sometimes we need to just pick up where we left off and keep going.

I have been planning, for like the last month, a big, powerful, encouraging blogpost. Yeah, I’m daunted by the task and somewhat fearful of starting. But alas, God will keep at me until I do. This is not that post.

But this does bring me to why I’m here. It’s for you. You.

I’m here with a message for you.

Yes, you. You really aren’t listening, are you….

Here it is…

Are you listening…

Everyone has a mess. And everyone has a message.

You have a mess. You have a message.

I know. Yes, I really do. I hear you. Absolutely. I know. Yes, you can.

Because God didn’t walk you through your mess just for you. Yeah, He totally loves you enough to do that. Walk you through just for you. But He didn’t. He walked you through for Him. And His glory.

And her. Or him. Or them. Because someone else needs your message. Your hope to fuel their hope. Your testimony to help them endure their test.

Now, I am not saying God wants you to write a book, start a blog or video your troubles. Maybe. I’m not God, I don’t know. What I do know is He wants you to listen to Him tell you with whom, when and how to share your message. The time may not be now. It may be. But He wants an open willing heart to share your message when He prompts you to.

Maybe today he wants you to just tell Him that you are willing, when He leads, to share. Maybe you are just terrified to tell Him that, afraid that your mess will suddenly be front page news.

Maybe today He wants you to call the lady from church that you know shares your struggles and invite her to lunch and love on her.

Maybe he wants you to write a blog post that you are terrified will cause your entire church to hate you and instead brings tears of joy, relief and reconciliation.

I know. I do. If you think just because I’m hiding behind a keyboard I’m not a little (or a lot) terrified every time I post something heavy, you don’t know me all that well.

When I wrote this old post, I walked away from my computer after publishing and felt literal fear and anxiety with every comment that awaited me. And they poured in. It was shared and reshared. I couldn’t look. I couldn’t not look. But everyone was kind. And so many people needed it. And I was terrified.

So today, just know, you have a mess and you have a message. God wants us to be willing to share when it is the right time.

But the good news is, everyone else has a mess, too!

(It wasn’t really all that short, after all…)



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