Don’t Count Your Blessings

The last few years it feels like I’ve had an abundant share of crappiness. I tried to think of a nicer way to say it, but it is what it is. Crappiness.

Oh, I have a great life. Charmed I usually think. Married my highschool sweetheart. Seven amazing, healthy and relatively happy kids. Living the dream. Only, despite the outward appearance that my life is a roses and sunshine, it just isn’t. I’ve struggled. A lot. We’ve had a lot of hard times. I’ve blogged some. Some are too deep and too personal even for the internet. 😉

I’ve been counseled, even chastised, to count my blessings. And I’ve tried. Once I get past my loving Savior who seriously died for me, my Knight who would die for me I’m certain, my darling children, and the most amazing friends ever, I still feel… sad. Not because that isn’t enough. Not because it isn’t spectacular.

Because it is still introspective.

I’ve learned that for me, the worst thing is introspection. In me that becomes selfishness, self-centeredness. Because as long as I’m looking at my hurts, my needs and my blessings, I’m still looking at me.

I’ve found the only real cure to my introspection, my self-centeredness is to look to others and look at how I can pour into them, bless them, sometimes just SEE them. Sometimes people just need seen.

It never fails. Every time I turn from my selfish, pity-party heart and look to others, how their days are going, how I can help them, how I can be a blessing in their lives, I feel better.

I am greatly blessed. I try to thank God frequently for my blessings.

But when I’m really hurting, what I need is to look outside myself and focus not on me, but rather on others.

Perhaps, next time you are struggling, think of someone else. Not even in the “Look, it could be worse,” way. Just think of someone who needs a smile. Needs a call. Needs seen. It just might help you, too.





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