Why I Blog

I started this little blog (ok, technically it was on another blog hosting site) in November of 2009 because I was a stay at home, homeschooling momma who loved to write and needed an outlet for all my many words.

Since then a lot has changed.  I’ve added 2 kids to the mix and have learned a lot along the way.  And my reasons for blogging have changed.

I used to be an aspiring writer.  Now I’m an aspiring momma trying to make it through this chaotic life in one piece and share a bit of inspiration along the way.

So now, this is why I blog:

  1. God says so.  I mean really, sometimes I just can’t stop fretting until I sit down and write something that God has placed upon my heart.  It is never those great, funny, lighthearted moments that God has to push me to post.  It’s the ones like yesterday’s post that requires some God pushing.
  2. Historical record.  Truly.  As I’ve looked over the years I’ve seen so many things that I’ve forgotten that I am so glad I documented somewhere.  Time goes fast.  We think we will remember.  We don’t.
  3. To inspire.  I hope.  I want to bring something to you, my reader.  Joy.  Hope.  Inspiration.  Laughter.  This is perhaps one of my most commented upon posts.  Many people seemed to find something they could resonate with here.
  4. To share some of my short stories.  I like to write short fiction.  Someday maybe… But alas, that requires dedication.  For now, I write for my kids and occasionally post those here. Here is a super short one I am rather proud of.
  5. Lastly, to share recipes.  I like to make sure I can find my recipes later, and often people ask for certain ones (I’m not a spectacular cook, but I have my things…), blogging helps me to be able to quickly and easily share the link.  If you haven’t made the award winning raw apple cake yet, you really should…

So, there you have it.  The 5 main reasons I blog.  Over the next few months I hope to revamp this blog.  It doesn’t function well and I need to play with it some.  Please, feel free to click on the links —–> over there that say things like “Ministry Monday” “Teaching Tuesday” “Written Word Wednesday” “Thoughtful Thursday” and “Fun Friday” to see things I’ve written in various categories. (I believe the recipes are under “Fun Friday”) Your feedback is always appreciated.


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