The Blame Game

I have discovered it is exceedingly easy to blame others for things we do or things that make us unhappy.  I mean, not you readers.  Other readers.  Of other blogs.  In other countries.

Whenever something happens we don’t like, or a situation exists that makes us unhappy, we find it very easy to look to others for the cause.  I heard once that insurance companies assign you 10% of the blame in an accident just for being there.  True or not, this makes a point.  You hold some of the responsibility for your unhappiness, your situation.  Varying degrees, of course, dependent upon the situation.  But we each make choices that causes impacts the situation.

I’ve been pondering this as I’ve considered two “situations” in my life. Both of these situations involve people being in some way unhappy with me or disappointed in me, in either my life choices, ministry choices or other situations.

My initial instinct is usually to react in anger and hurt when I feel people are upset with me.  Then I swing the opposite direction and begin to take all the blame and feel like a miserable failure.

After much pondering, sage words from friends and prayer, I am starting to see some balance.

In each of the situations, I am finding the balance of my responsibility (and how I need to handle it) and the other person’s issues (and how I need to NOT take those on as my issues).

So what, exactly, is my point?  Good question. I’m not sure I know.  🙂

Have a beautiful day!


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