The Problem with the World Today – Low-Fat Ding Dongs

I was in the grocery store a few years ago, and I beheld a horrifying sight!  low-fat Ding Dongs!  It was truly horrifying.  Not because I was concerned about what the flavor might be like.  But because to me it is a sign of our society’s inability to commit.

Now, I don’t want to get into a dietary discussions about fat/sugar/carbohydrates.  This post isn’t about food and diets.  It is about having convictions and standing for something.  You see, if you are trying to lose weight or eat a healthier diet, and you desire a Ding Dong, I think it is reasonable to presume you have two basic choices.  First, you can eat the Ding Dong .  This may require you to sacrifice elsewhere to continue toward your health goals.  Second, you can skip the Ding Dongs.  This will require sacrifice from you now.

And there is the problem.  Both of those require some type of sacrifice from us and sacrifice is something we are unwilling to do.  Unfortunately there is no gain toward our personal goals without sacrifice.

In so many ways we, as a society, insist on low-fat Ding Dongs.  We think that we can say one thing and behave in a different way and that some how we still “stand” for something.

The newest thing that has brought the low-fat Ding Dong Situation to my mind is the rash of stores and restaurants bowing to the Moms Demand Action group and stepping out publicly saying:

“We ask you not to bring firearms into our facilities.  We will not post a sign to that effect and we will not ask you to leave if you do carry in our stores.”

This is what I hear:

“We have no backbone.  We don’t want to make gun owners mad and lose their business.  In some states signs carry the ‘rule of law’ meaning that if we post a sign the gun owner is now breaking a law to enter with a gun so we will lose business.  If we ask you to leave we will lose business.  If we stand up for the Second Amendment and say that we will follow state and local laws regarding fire arms carry in our establishments, we will upset these few vocal moms and lose business.  We believe in the consumer voting with their dollars, but we are afraid of how they will vote.  We don’t want to lose business.  So we are offering you low-fat Ding Dongs.”

The problem is, low-fat Ding Dongs don’t really help you toward any health goal.  Eating those solely in place of other foods you know to be bad for you (such as real Ding Dongs) will not make you healthier.  They are a non solution to a real problem.  They require no commitment, no stand, no backbone, no sacrifice.   And they solve no problem.

The businesses who are all releasing essentially the same statement, as is being pushed upon them by this misguided mom’s group, are all offering a solution that solves no problem.

There is a real problem in our world.  It isn’t a gun problem.  It’s an evil problem.  Evil exists.  Guns are not evil.  People are evil.  Evil people intent upon evil deeds do evil things.  They shoot, stab, rob, and do all manner of evil to one another.  And they don’t follow laws or posted signs and they certainly do not follow unwritten rules and polite requests.  Another example of a solution that doesn’t solve anything.



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