I spent yesterday sitting in a hospital.  Waiting.  I’ve spent way too many days in the last year or so doing just that.  Between my mom, dad, sister and sister-in-law, I’ve seen the surgical waiting room way too many times.  It has been a rough year or two for my family.

Each time I sit in the waiting room, I am surrounded by this big, messy, crazy family of mine.  And I am reminded of crazy, messy, unconditional love.  Because the truth is, sometimes we don’t like each other.  Sometimes we get mad at each other.  Sometimes we can’t stand to be in the same room as each other.  But those crazy brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, aunts and uncles, cousins and parents of mine know something about love that many people don’t.

I’ve seen neat families.  Tidy families.  I’m not talking about clean houses and uncluttered rooms.  I’m talking about clean lives and uncluttered hearts.  The sort who get together and talk of the weather and their next vacations.  Unlike my family who gets together and talks of all manner of unseemly things.  These tidy families, these unmessy lives, I’m sure they love in their own way.

But the love of the messy, crazy family to which I belong is unlike any others I’ve seen. It’s fierce.  It’s protective.  It’s deep.  If you don’t understand the crazy, protective, messy love of a big, crazy, messy family, I cannot explain it.  But, suffice it to say, spending the day with your crazy, messy family makes you love them and be annoyed by them all the more.

Note: God has been very gracious to our family.  After many hours of serious, heart, brain, lung and stomach surgeries, all of my family members are doing well.  I’m delighted to say my crazy, messy family continues on as crazy and messy as ever.  And I love them all.  look at me


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