Welcome Back!

I have been a slacking blogger.

I know most of you have been checking every day, week after week, month after month – hoping and waiting for word from me!

Ok, I realize by now you’ve forgotten I once had this little blog of mine.

The truth is I don’t have Blogger’s Block. I have oh so many things to say. Unfortunately most of them are not things I think would be well said here. So, I pose a question to you, my readers, what topics would you find interesting?

1) Short stories of my creation such as A Tale of Intrigue and Mystery, a much loved piece of total fiction featuring some of my favorite folks.

2) Homeschooling encouragement such as A Time for Everything.

3) Stories about my kids such as The Writing on the Walls.

4) Recipes like Salsa!

5) Just general inspiration thoughts like Treasure Hunting.

Comment below on what types of things you like to read from me,  I’m not needy or anything, but I really like comments!  


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