The Iron Writer

Last fall my dear friend K.A.DaVur (author of Hunter the Horrible, a fantastic tale written for children of vampires and friendship) roped me into joining her in this writing group. I was understandably concerned as I am not a professional.  But the frightful authoress insisted.  And I joined.  

I took my first challenge and won.  I don’t know how!  Since then I have won some but mostly lost.  And yet even when I lose, I find it is so much fun.  

Inside this group of writers is a facebook page where we tease, taunt and support one another.  And I’ve come to realize that this group, while made up of a lot of “professional” writers, is mostly comprised of normal (well, not exactly normal) people.  And while I lose more often than not, I learn a lot each time.  

The concept is simple: 4 writers, 4 elements, 4 days to write 500 words.  Each story must include the elements chosen.  They range from hilarious to heartbreaking.  The readers vote on their favorite story.

If you enjoy writing “flash fiction”, if you want to flex your writing fingers, or if you just want to read new stories each week, I urge you to check out The Iron Writer.  And this week you will find one of my stories in Challenge 74.  Did I mention you get to vote for your favorite?


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