Too Much Junk!

The last few months have been super busy in my world.  It seems I’m home less than 2 nights a week for dinner!  I love to eat out, but lately I’ve really gotten tired of eating at restaurants of all kinds!  I’ve just had too much junk.

So when I stumbled upon Stacy Makes Cents and her 100 Days of No Processed Meals – Crock Pot style I was excited!  She has 100 recipes from around the web of meals that are using no processed foods.  (She does have a caveat on her description of “no processed” which includes things that are minimally processed such as ketchup, soy sauce or canned beans but which you can make homemade.)

But it still took me weeks (I’ve been really busy, remember) to begin compiling the recipes I wanted.

It was at this point that I realized she compiled them for me into this awesome ebook!

semi whole foods crockpot cook book
semi whole foods crockpot cook book

(DUH!) So now, I’m spreading the word.  I’ve signed up as an affiliate for this recipe book, so if you are interested, click the link here and try it out


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