Spring Break?

What’s up with Spring Break these days?

When I was a kid, Spring Break was a week off school, as many books as I could read, sleeping til noon, up til Dad yelled at me to sleep.  I sometimes spent the time with my mom (I lived with my dad).  Otherwise, Spring Break was just hanging out at home until you got into college.  In college kids would go on road trips to Florida or wherever.

But most of the families I knew didn’t take trips to Florida.  They didn’t go for two days to a hotel to get away.  They didn’t take special trips.

Now it seems like if you don’t take your kids someplace special for Spring Break, you are not fulfilling your parental obligations.  It is almost expected.

If you took or are taking your kids on a trip (long or short) for Spring Break, great.  Don’t misunderstand my intent here.  I’m just questioning how this became the norm in our world.

I’m really curious so please, answer these two questions if you are willing (I just love comments on my blog by the way…)

1) As a kid, how often did your parents take you on a trip for Spring Break (other than to grandma’s for the weekend, I’m talking vacation or mini vacation here)?

2) As a parent, do you regularly take your kids on some sort of vacation (or mini vacation) for Spring Break?


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