Toddlers are so funny.  I’m beginning to think they really are my favorite age group.  Of course, I think I have said that of every age group leading up to the teen years, but I digress…025c9-familypics2009405

When I had my first toddler, I took life too seriously.  I wanted a good, well behaved child.  So I didn’t enjoy the quirks of toddlerhood that I was trying to train him out of.  But now, with my 6th toddler, I have some experience under my belt and I better know how to enjoy those toddler moments, while still helping him grow out of them.

Make no mistake, as a parent it is our job to help them grow out of these behaviors.  Just accepting tantrums because it’s what toddlers do will encourage your child to grow up continuing with tantrums until and throughout adult hood.  Tantrums may change shape, they may not melt on the floor in a screaming fit, but tantrums will continue if allowed.  I can’t abide by allowing unpleasant behavior because “It’s a stage,”  No, it’s a behavior that won’t help them to put others before themselves as older children, teens and adults and must be changed.  But you can enjoy life through it.

Some of my favorite toddler isms of late:

“I tink I’m gonna trow up.”  I mean, vomit or no vomit, those words in a sing-song toddler voice (especially when he doesn’t act sick) are cute.

“Mommy, which hat you want? You choose or I choose.” (If you are unfamiliar with this particular phrase and have young ones, you must visit Danny Silk’s website and learn about the power of choices.  Especially with toddlers).

“I don’t want to be afraid anymore.” Said after 10 minutes of baby chicken terror at Rural King.  This child is terrified of tiny animals, but not usually large ones.  Go figure.

“Can you get me some white milk?” He never asks for milk.  It’s chocolate milk or white milk.

And, every time he asks me for something and I say “Why would I do that?” He says “Because you are my favorite.”  I’ll admit.  It almost always works!

Enjoy this time with your child.  Encourage him to grow and mature and learn to put off his selfishness.  They can do that even at this young age.  But it really is okay to chuckle at these moments.  Usually behind your hand or with your face buried in a book.

I’d love to hear what your toddlers are up to!


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