My 15 Minutes

A home cleaning/organization expert I’ve followed has the belief that you can do anything for 15 minutes.  The idea being that, no matter how unpleasant the task, if you break it down into chunks and make yourself do it for 15 minutes at a time, you could preserve and accomplish the task.  Fifteen minutes won’t kill you.

This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of listening to our former pastor preach at his current church.  Nothing quite like feeling at home in a strange church to make you introspective.  During his message he made a statement that truly made me think.  He was talking about how Jesus came to give us life, not just a little, but to the abundant.  An abundant, joyful life.  Then the pastor explained that we are going to live forever, it’s just a matter of do we want to live through eternity sour and grumpy or joyful.

What’s so startling about that?

Glad you asked. As a Christian, I have always viewed my eternal life as somehow separate from this one.  Something different.  That somehow this life was to be lived now and when I assume room temperature (as our pastor likes to say) I will begin my new eternal life.  But this pastor seemed to indicate that one was, in fact, an extension of the other.  That I will live my X number of years here, then I will transition to living the rest of my life, with my personality, eternally.


I’m the me that I’ll be then?  Obviously with no sorrow and no pain.  But still.  Me?  Oh no.  This could be a problem…. I’m not much a fan of me.  I’d rather get a chance to be someone else.  But I digress.

As I pondered what these days, hours, weeks and minutes look like in light of eternity, and I pondered my present struggles I realized, this lifetime is my 15 minutes.  Those things that I know God is asking me to do that seem just too hard, those times I have to serve, love, give and never feel loved in return, those people I’m to share the love of Jesus with – those things are my 15 minutes of work.  I can do those things for 15 minutes.  Or during this lifetime, which in light of eternity is merely 15 minutes.  Then, I will receive all the honor from God for having done His will, not the appreciation, love or admiration of the people here, in this 15 minutes.  But the eternal glory of God, for Whom, and in Whom and through Whom, I can do anything.

What hard task is God calling you to during this 15 minutes on Earth?  Can you do it through the strength of Christ?baby


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