Crazy Daddy

Yesterday I posted about one thing I do that makes my husband feel loved and special. Today I want to share one thing my husband does that really makes me feel loved.  Every year he goes with me to the homeschool convention.  He doesn’t just go.  He doesn’t just endure.  He eagerly looks forward to going.  He attends classes.  He looks at curriculum. He carries, hauls, pulls and manages all the purchases.  He finds treasures for the children to enjoy.

He is all there.  He doesn’t just go and put in his time.  He doesn’t just check off a requirement to make me happy.  He is all in, all there and committed.  Sure, he gets tired. Yes, he sometimes reminds me that he has no idea which reading book is better.  But he is there, loving me and supporting me.  Opening his wallet.  And, he never, ever, ever reminds me that last year I said I wouldn’t need to buy math again for 6 years because I found the perfect math program, so why am I buying new math again?  He understands. He supports.  And he loves me.  And he is totally crazy!

Any homeschoolers out there preparing for a homeschool convention?


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