Crazy Momma

I’m going to address one of the many reasons people think I’m crazy.

Most mornings my alarm goes off between 4:30 and 5:00.  AM.  Yes.  Before noon.  Before the sun.  Before my brain.  At some point, after the alarm goes off, my husband tumbles out of bed and staggers to the shower.  I snuggle down under the blankets.  And then, after about 5 (or 10) minutes of this, I drag my bed loving carcass up.  I start coffee water.  I tend the fire.  I lay clothes on the bed for my husband to choose from for the day (our closet is rather hard to get to and as often as not the clothes are still in the basket so I take pity on the poor man).  Then I go pack his lunch and cook him breakfast.  What does he do?  Showers, wakes up, irons his clothes and gets dressed.

Now, it sounds pretty unfair to some people.  Why do I do so much to get him ready?  I’m glad you asked.  I do it because he likes it.  It makes him feel loved and special.  He gets up every morning, cold or hot, rain or shine and goes off to work.  He drives nearly 3 hours a day and spends 9 hours at a “soul sucking” job to care for my family.  He deserves to be sent off into the world by a friendly smile, a warm kiss and a hot cup of coffee.

We’ve learned over the years, if each of us concentrates on making the other happy, we are both a lot happier than if we try to make ourselves happy.

What are some ways you try to focus on making your spouse happy?



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