Online Christmas Shopping?

Last year, for the first time, we purchased many items online for Christmas.  That is largely because we got a free gift card, which I will discuss further in another post.  But I’m curious, how many of you do a lot of your Christmas Shopping online?

How many of you use gift cards that you were given as a gift to buy other people gifts?

Has anyone else been intrigued by the vast number of gift card designs available?  Nearly as much thought is needed for picking out what the card looks like as would go into picking out another gift.

I wanted to share with you Amazon’s gift card variety for this year: There is a card style for everyone.  And if you aren’t happy with that, they also offer cards with your own picture on them! 

Check out the link in my sidebar if you are interested in checking out or buying Amazon gift cards for Christmas this year.


One thought on “Online Christmas Shopping?

  1. I buy most of mine online. But only because I would have to go shopping all by myself if I wanted anyone to watch my children while I shop because the person I would go shopping with would have to be the one to watch my kids. My husband works the weekends 😦 Anyway, that way no one can see what I'm buying them and they know not to open any packages delivered at the house. I don't have gift cards though 😦

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