All Time Favorite Children’s Books

Hello!  I am embarking on a new adventure!  I am planning to write my novel this month.  I’m a little lot nervous because since so many people know, I feel the pressure to actually accomplish it.  But that is probably a good thing.

I am writing a children’s novel.  I’m asking you to comment with your favorite or (if you are like me and don’t have just one) one of your many favorite children’s books.  And if you have a reason it is your favorite, I would love to hear it. 

I’ll start.  I’ve always loved the Boxcar Children (the original.  I enjoyed the series, but it has nothing on the first book as far a quality goes).  I really like the way as a kid I felt like I was part of the adventure.  I can remember thinking that I could have a real adventure even as a kid.  And I could taste the berries and cold milk, and though I was not a fan of either in real life they sure sound yummy in the story.

Please comment below with your favorite book(s).  Thanks!


2 thoughts on “All Time Favorite Children’s Books

  1. Jasonl likes “Rats of Nimh” bc of the humanlike qualities in the animals….the love story & also the scientific point of view….I definately agree on boxcar children…you are so right! I remember acting out some of the “scenes”.Also Indian in the cupboard.bc it was fun to think it could really happen. Lastly, the little house on prairie books….bc they often told what is really important in life without you always knowing u were being taught & they addressed issues like love,jealousy,envy,pride,fear,loss,etc. Keep it up Moozann!

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