Swiss Cheese!

Found on the internet today:

“I used to have functioning brain cells,
but I traded them in for a child”.
Oh how TRUE!!

I have often said that each time I gave birth I lost half of the brain cells I possessed before that child.  I have given birth 6 times (update: Now 7 times).  You do the math.  I’ve done it.  It’s scary.
I found this internet comic amusing because only last night I was pondering this very thing:  How different my “intellect” is now from what it was then.
Indulge me for a minute, if you will (if you won’t, change tabs and read something else).  In high school I was “smart”.  I mean I wasn’t in the top 10 in my class, but I was #13.  I was in the top 10%.  I did graduate with a 3.9ish.  I did get an honors diploma.  I did get really good (not like perfect good, but really good) SAT scores.  I did test out of all freshman level college classes that you could test out of.  (I did learn not to end a sentence with “of” and I’m going to do it anyway.)  I did finish my first semester of college with a 4.0 and 30 credits (due to testing out, etc).  So while I was NOT the most brilliant nor the most driven (by far) student in my class, I was labelled as a smart kid.
I did all the stuff you are supposed to in college.  I got good grades, graduated Cum Laude with and honors diploma and a BA.  I wrote a senior thesis to get the honors diploma.  (How to Implement a Spanish Foreign Language Class in an Elementary School Setting, riveting reading I tell you).
In my younger years, I only knew how to judge my “intellect” or “smartness” based on my grades and test scores.  I was a really good student.  I had a great memory and could keep mental track of many different things going on at the same time.  I never used bookmarks, I could remember what page number I stopped on in whatever book(s) I was reading at the time.  I never took notes, used a calendar or made lists.  My brain was my filing cabinet.
Then it began to rust.  The wholes began to form.  Now, instead of a steel cabinet keeping track of all my information (important and otherwise) my brain is swiss cheese.
I actually found myself last night realizing that, to many people who have just recently met me, I’m just this nice stay at home, homeschooling momma with an average (or I hope) intelligence and ability to function in the world.
Well, that may be true, but it is not the picture of me that has been in my head all these years.  I’ve always seen myself as this really smart capable person.  But I’ve turned into this really normal, average person, some days not even that.
But there is a bright side.  Now that I’m not so smart, I actually know more Truth than I ever did in my smart days.  I know the One who created me.  I know the Truth behind creation/evolution.  I know my historical heritage and the rights guaranteed me as a citizen of this, the greatest nation on Earth.  I know who I am in the One who created the universe.  I know love unlike anything I could have known before those little braincell sucking parasites were born.
Yeah, I’d take the trade all over again.  I’ll settle for average momma with super kids.


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