7 Quick Takes
This week in review:

1.  I started the week frazzled because I'm hosting our Small Group Bible Study for the first time in a year and while they all love me, my house is beyond out of control. I knew it would be a hectic week. 

2.  I'm trying to schedule a myriad of baptism councelling sessions.  I'm currently having a blast as a temporary fill in Children's Ministry director.  While I'm loving it, I'm not enjoying the pressure of knowing these kids are counting on me. But it's really God, so that helps. He doesn't actually need me, he just allows me the privilege of assisting Him. 

3.  Speaking of church, I'm extremely excited with the direction we are headed in Children's Ministry. Praying our new pastor, whomever that may be, is as well. 

4.  My oldest is 12 today. Man, that really makes you think. We are 2/3 of the way there and there is so much still to teach him!

5.  Thursday proved my insanity as I willingly had 11 children in my home. One immobilized with a broken leg. Yeah, I'm crazy. They were good AND I cleaned my dining room. Wow!

6.  Our annual Homeschool Valentine's Day party was today. I didn't get to go because my fuel pump went out in my van. $$$ ahead to repair it. Glad my hubby is so handy. 

7.  My unexpected day home made a huge change in my stress level. Great day with my kids who didn't groan about not going. The oldest isn't even groaning  about missing the day at his grandparents' for his birthday. 

God knows how to make me stop when He wants me to. 

Here is Birthday Boy posing with a space suit at The Children's Museum. 


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