The Family Closet

I was so excited when we moved into this house.  We had 5 kids and were leaving a 2 bedroom house for what is essentially a 5 bedroom house (though not “legally”).  I was thrilled!  At long last I would have a library!  As book nut, teacher and homeschooling mom, a library really excited me.  My husband wanted a family closet.  I insisted on having a library.  He decided against arguing with me.  He let me have my way.  After a year or two, I saw the light, rearranged the entire house, moved the baby into her sister’s room, turned the small nursery into a small library/guest room and turned the library into a family closet.  I hate it when he’s right.

So, as my Large Family Organization post, I want to share with you the ever evolving plan for my family closet.  Currently we have 4 dressers that 5 kids share, a table for folding (which becomes a horizontal surface to stack stuff) and we had a portable “wardrobe” that I bought on clearance.  It broke.  My fault entirely, but it broke.  To help me, my husband installed 2 closet rods and the kids were instructed to hang up whatever they wanted.

My children decided to hang everything (yes, everything, my 11 year old found a way to hang his underwear and socks).  So now they each have a section of closet to hang their clothes in. I can’t believe how fast they put away their laundry now!  I’ve been folding it lately and putting it in their stacks.  I realize that we need not fold and I need to return to my previous laundry plan, with individual baskets.  Why fold when it is going straight to a hanger?

Since this seems to be working so well, I am evolving the plan.  I think I shall keep 2 dressers (12 drawers) assign them each 2 drawers for socks, undies and jammies.  Then I think we will hang at least 3 more rods so that there is more room for hanging clothes.  A hamper for dirty laundry, a set of drawers for sheets, a tub for blankets and baskets in the bottom the closet for shoes and I think it will make a much more usable space.   I think I will even move the adult clothes in there, once I get it organized.

I welcome comments and suggestions that will help me plan or better utilize this area.  Also, cheap ideas for storage are always welcomed.  Don’t forget to check our Raising Arrows today for more ideas!


One thought on “The Family Closet

  1. I'm trying to figure out how to make my new smallish laundry room something of a family closet or perhaps my new bedroom walk-in closet should serve that purpose. I simply CANNOT get enough of family closet posts! lol

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