Laundry for an Army

I am raising an army.  I love my army.  They bring me much joy, delight, laughter and laundry.  I don’t so much love the laundry.  Actually, I hate it.  Just when you think you have it all finished, you go to bed and wake up to 2 loads just from what they all took off after laundry was finished!!!

Several years ago, in an attempt to simplify my life, we decided to try individual baskets for the kids.  The kids each picked a color when we bought them (some had the same color, but they got to choose it).  We labeled the baskets with their name.  Each time we had a mountain of clean laundry, the kids would sort laundry into each person’s basket.  They then were responsible for taking their basket to the closet. (Yes, we have a family closet.  When it gets better organized, I’ll post about it.)  They were then responsible for putting away their own (and helping with the little ones’) stuff.

You may notice that I wrote this in the past tense.  We have fallen out of this habit.  But after writing this post, while the kids are folding laundry, I think it is time to reinstate the baskets.  I must say, though, they are getting to be pretty good laundry folders.  Put awayers, not so much.

I’m linking this idea up with Raising Arrows, Large Family Organization tips.  Check out other tips, no matter your family size!


7 thoughts on “Laundry for an Army

  1. I did laundry for 13. As they got older some thought I would mess theirs up. When my 5th child left she was a pro. Next one in line doesn't care to learn Although I will teach. My focus has been clean your room and teaching them to cook. Even though the numbers are going down I still stay busy and it is good for them My laundry is usually done by 10:30 AM. And yes , I still get the additional loads when they clean.

  2. You are my hero! Laundry done by 10:30 am! I'm trying to learn not to hate the things I can't change, like laundry. No point in hating it so much, it will always be there!

  3. Sarah Mac, I am afraid I perhaps forgot to clarify. My laundry is actually never done. Anonymous above makes me so jealous! I just aspire to getting a certain amount finished each day!

  4. Ahhh laundry…that never ending monster, huh? We don't have everyone separated out, but we do have baskets that we sort into that go the boys' room and the girls' room. It does work quite well…when we do it consistently. 😉

  5. Kathy Martin says:

    great ideas…keep em coming….i have learned that even if/when i took the time to lovingly do it for them…they appreciated it more or at least knew where their clothes(clean and dirty) were …when they have to do it! keep up the good advice!

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