I thought I saw …

The Write On Wednesday Rules: Get creative with the writing exercises – there isn’t a right or wrong. Please do try to visit the other members of Write On Wednesdays and leave a comment of support and constructive criticism. 

Write On Wednesdays Exercise 20 Write the words ” I thought I saw” at the top of your page. Set a timer for 5 minutes. Write the first words that come into your head after the prompt. Don’t take you pen off the page (or fingers off the keyboard). Stop only when the buzzer rings! Do this exercise over and over if you wish. Write beyond 5 minutes if you like, you can link it up as an extra post.

I thought I saw a fairy flutter on the wind.  She was a fairy, that was sure, all decked out in green.  I saw her peek inside a flower, to see what was within.  I saw the look of joy and glee as she reached to pull the dew drop out!  What a sight to behold, a little fairy on the prowl, looking for magic in God’s creation!  I watched to see what she’d do, why did she need that?  She fluttered around with her little drop, looking for the right spot.  Suddenly, she spied something and turned to fly away.  Across the yard glided another little fairy, this one clad in orange.  She too carried a drop of dew.  What were these dew drops for?

The fairy in green popped out from the tree behind which she hid and tossed her dew drop at the fairy so orange – splat!  Target hit square on the head!  “I win! I win!”  The green fairy cried in joyous fashion.  “I’ll get you tomorrow!” laughed the wet little fairy, “Just you wait and see!”


12 thoughts on “I thought I saw …

  1. That was a very warm and fuzzy piece. Adorable description of a fairy water fight! It was just a cute little picture of a world we all wish we lived in. Nice job!

  2. "Warm and fuzzy" describes it perfectly. I love that the fairies' reason to fly around in search of dew drops is a game and not something mystical or "important". Mythological creatures can also have fun!/ Rain

  3. Kathy Martin says:

    This is imagery at its finest…bright colors…tiny detail….you can just see & want to balance that dew drop! great job! please finish! i’ll get you next time!

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