Homemade McGriddles Sandwiches

My kids love the McGriddles from McDonalds.  I don’t love paying that much money times 5 (just for the kids) for breakfast.  So I began wondering how to make them at home.  I searched the internet, found many helpful recipes, and a few not-so helpful ones.  I refuse to go buy specialty stuff that I won’t use for anything else, so maple crystals were out of the question.

After perusing recipes on the internet, I did what I always do and made up my own. Here is my first attempt at homemade McGriddles.

Here is what you will need:
Ingredients for your favorite pancake recipe
Breakfast syrup
Bacon or sausage
Cheese of choice

I am not including quantities as I figure you can decide how much bacon or how many eggs your family will eat.  I have a large family, our quantities may differ from yours.

I started with a basic pancake recipe.  My favorite is this one from Allrecipes but I didn’t have vinegar so I used an older one from my Betty Crocker cookbook.

After preparing the recipe, I put a small amount on the griddle.  I actually had rather large ones, keep in mind it might spread, I recommend going slightly smaller than you think you will want.  I only put four on my griddle so that I could have time for the second step:  syrup.

I put about a tablespoon of syrup on top of the pancake batter and swirled it around, then used a fork to “mix” it lightly in.  There was not quite as much syrup as I would have liked in the first batch, so when I made a few extras for the kids to munch on I put an extra dab of syrup on top after the syrup that I mixed in.

I cooked the pancakes as normal and made bacon and eggs, and shredded cheddar cheese.  I allowed the kids to choose whether they had eggs and cheese, but all wanted the bacon, of course!

They were a little sticky, but not too bad.  They were quite yummy and very filling.  I didn’t get any pictures because we were all too hungry and anxious to try them.  When I make them again, I will try to get some pictures to go with it.  Happy Eating!

(The kids have requested these as a before church breakfast.  I am going to try precooking the pancakes and bacon and putting them in the fridge so that we can have a fast breakfast for early mornings.  I’ll let you know!)


One thought on “Homemade McGriddles Sandwiches

  1. Kathy Martin says:

    it may be almost 1am in the morning….but you are making us hungry woman! Maybe there IS something to this homeade stuff!

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