Things I Know

I know that God is Good – ALL the time.

I know that children grow up way faster than you ever think they will.

I know that beans spilled from homemade, homeschool cinco de mayo maracas and buried under 6 months of rubble in a car will sprout.

I know that nothing in life can prepare you for the day the doctor hands you a new baby, whether it is number 1 or number 6.

I know that when children first learn to graffiti, they usually spell their own names on the wall, making them relatively easy to catch.

I know that despite the above statement, sometimes they are smart enough to write their brother’s name on the door of said bean sprouting vehicle, but not usually smart enough to lie about it.

I know that marriage was one of God’s best ideas.

I know that 4:30 in the morning is definitely not the best time to hear an alarm clock.

I know that electric blankets, soft pillows, flannel sheets and a snugly husband make the 4:30 alarm nearly impossible to get up to.



2 thoughts on “Things I Know

  1. Great post! Laughed loudly at the first time graffiti efforts (the last house we live in has my eldest's name in black permanent marker next to the front door – he swears it wasn't him!)… Oh and the first moment you hold a newborn – whichever child it is – so, so true!

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