Why I’m the Worst Mom/Woman I Know

and other such nonsense….

I have the world’s most amazing friends.  Let me describe them.  These are real people, honest.  Read how truly amazing they are (if you get bored, please skip to the bottom for the point, it’s a good one):

1) I have a friend who actually makes her own bread.  Not sometimes, like twice a day, every day.  And she grows her own meat.  Ok, maybe raises is better. She has slaughtered her own chickens, served her own holiday goose.  She has had goats for milk, and entertainment.  Oh, yeah, she has 4 kids 5 and under, works 3 jobs last I counted (or was it 4), runs her own business, takes her preschoolers/infants/toddlers with her to her job(s).  Homeschools her kids, who are grades ahead though so young, and has her kids in classes at the “Y”.

2) I have a friend who has 6 kids, homeschools and makes herbal home remedies.  Her kids match everyday, not just public days, study Latin and Spanish, listen to classical music and appreciate fine art.  Her husband is one of those multi-talented highly respected men in the community and a leader in church.  She looks amazing every day and has an impeccably kept house.

3) I have a friend who is beyond amazing in her love and heart for her children.  She knows them so very well and has high expectations despite their individual quirks.  She has dealt with heartache most of us cannot imagine, nor would want to, and yet shines with joy and love for others.  She’s been a married, yet mostly single military mom, runs her own business, writes and cooks divinely.  She teaches others how to have fun and to not sweat the petty stuff.  Oh, and in her spare time is pushing forth an adoption for their first girl.

4) I have a friend who has the most amazing sense of humor and heart to give and serve.  She never forgets a birthday, or other anniversary-type event – even the silly.  She brings Whatchamacallit bars and Dr. Peppers to friends just because she’s that sort.  She has a voice that the angels stop and listen to and a gift for song that glorifies God in the most necessary of circumstances.  She always has the encouraging word and the scripture to back it up.  She makes sure her children have a variety of experiences and encourages their faith in every breath of her life.

5) I have a friend who exudes love.  She has done it all, homeschool, public school, a mix of both, and is a general advocate for her friends to follow God’s call in their lives and hearts.  She has experienced heartache and pain that have brought forth beauty.  She helped me find a call for small children I didn’t know was there and is a daily inspiration, though we speak rarely.  She knows what’s important as a mom and doesn’t stress over the stuff that’s just not worth it.  She builds up the hearts of her friends.  She is an amazing cook, too!

6) I have a friend who I’m still getting to know, but intrigues me often.  She doesn’t see how cool she is.  She has tireless energy.  She coaches everything.  She cooks incredibly.  She is a great artist, in many different media types.  She gives of herself and is totally not selfish, just don’t ask her.  Her mind is always running.  She enjoys helping friends in the craziest ways.  She is the sort of friend that is a true friend, the one that you just know you could call when you need help and she’d drop everything she could and do it.

7)  I have a friend who is gorgeous.  Not just outside, though certainly, but deeply inside.  She exudes the Joy of the Lord in all she says and does.  She has 4 beautiful children and loves them deeply.  She is an example to all the women who know her.  She honors her husband in all her actions and speech.  She gives endlessly and tirelessly of herself.  Without even knowing, she has brought me comfort and joy.  Though I see her rarely now, she is still dedicated to my life, always willing to pray when asked.  

8) I have a mean friend, too.  Just ask her.  Only she’s so not really.  She’s tough and independent.  She knows what it takes to survive in this yucky world and works hard to protect her kids from it.  She works mostly full time and homeschools while going to school herself.  She feeds her kids good, wholesome food, and adores her time with them.  She cares for her disabled grandfather.  She has a heart big enough for all that are in it and room to spare.  She likes to do nice things for others, though she doesn’t like to be too highly praised for it.

I chose, of all the other amazing women in my life, these 8.  I know them best, so they were easiest to write about.  Seven of them are women invested in my life, praying for me and each other as a part of (or formerly a part of) my small group.  They are the women I call when prayers are needed or I’m just overly frustrated.  The other one is the oldest friend that I still see from my childhood.  (Oldest as in been friends with the longest, she’s younger than I.)

I could have written about so many other amazing women in my life. I really don’t know were to stop, so I decided it must be here.  Honestly, I could choose a dozen more women I know and write some amazing things about them.

So my title was “Why I’m the Worst Mom/Woman I Know”, and the inspiration came from many conversations with women leading me to see that we all think we are terrible, awful, bad or just plain crumby, while everyone else is so amazing.  Well, that is half true.  Everyone else is amazing.  Different amazing.  Each of these women sound almost perfect here, and frankly that’s how I see them.  Except they aren’t.  That is how they see themselves.  The truth is, we are all flawed.  But if we are seeking to serve and to love, to give of ourselves in any way, people will see those good things about us.  If a few people that don’t know us very well see the superficial flaws we have and make judgments based on those, they are the ones that will suffer.  They are the ones that won’t get to know how amazing we truly are. 

So if you are having one of those days when everyone you know seems so perfect and you feel so unable to compete, read about my friends.  Then realize, someone else thinks these same things about you.


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