10 Reasons I Shouldn’t Be Writing This

In the past few years I have really come to enjoy writing.  I’ve always found that putting words “on paper” (even virtually so to speak) comes easily to me.  I can ramble on endlessly in writing.  I don’t claim to be good at it, just to enjoy the process.  I began blogging as an outlet for my writing.  I have lately become slightly obsessed with my blog, trying to make it more me and yet more interesting to a larger audience, should I some day have one.  Yet, I often find that the time I spend blogging detracts from other areas of my life.  So today I decided to write a Top Ten list (in no particular order) of reasons I should NOT be blogging right now.

1.    I have a sink (and counter) full of dirty dishes.
2.    I have math to do.  Well, I have math to grade.  My 10 year old will expect to know tomorrow how she did today. 
3.    I have lessons to plan.  As my son and I can’t seem to keep track of silly items like his phonics book, so I need to find him some school work. 
4.    I have a LOT of laundry, clean, in my room that I need to handle.  Ugh.  Not more interesting than writing.
5.    I have a LOT of laundry, dirty, that needs washed and purged.  NOT more interesting than writing.
6.    I have a cute baby I could cuddle.  Of course I am watching him kick and play next to me, so it’s not too bad.
7.    I have a really tired husband that needs to go to bed, but would rather stay up with me.
8.    I have a school room to reorganize.
9.    My living room looks like a laundry mat exploded in it.  Someone should really do something about that.
10.  My children are refusing to go to sleep and I shall have to deal with them.

I did manage to put off writing the list until school was done, dinner was over and kids were sent to bed.  Yay me!

What things do you find to get in the way of things you would rather not do, or even things you enjoy doing but get put off?


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