A Note to All the Children in the World

I came from a family of 5 kids.  I have 6 kids.  I would like to address a few things children who have at least one sibling need to know.  If you are or have an only child, many of these things may be true for you as well, I just can’t speak to that as having no experience as such.  Now, the more children in your family, the more amplified these statements become.

1.  If you have a sibling, you might as well forget your name as you will rarely be called by it.  Just give it up, realize you will forever be “Be-Suzann!” or “Z-Allison!”.  Don’t bother correcting your parent.  They don’t much care what your name is.  After all, they gave it to you, they ought to have the right to revoke it at any time.  And no, don’t bother with nametags.  Sure you might think it’s cute now, but when your parent is flustered with dinner burning, baby crying, phone ringing and someone at the door, they have lost the ability to read and are just as likely to revert back to “YOU!”

2.  If you have siblings, remember this, your parents really do love you best.  It’s true.  You are their favorite.  Sure, there may be 10 of you, but you are their favorite.

3.  When you think you would love 5 minutes of peace in the bathroom and think “I will never be alone!”  just remember you will NEVER be alone.

4.  When you are a grown up, you don’t have to like these people.  But it sure is nice if you do.

5.  Everyone must make choices with their income, from the wealthiest to the poorest.  If your parents chose family over stuff, count yourself very lucky to have parents who value you more than TVs, cars, vacations and dinners out.  The younger you are in the family, the more this probably means to you.  When you realize that the whole world thinks your parents are crazy for having 6 kids and you are number 6, it just ought to make you feel lucky to have crazy parents.

6.  Your parents are human.  They love you more than you can know, unless you have children.  They have a huge weight on their shoulders and trying to make sure you got exactly the same number of peas as Bobby and not 2 more is not on their grand list of concerns.

7.  If your parents have forgotten exactly when your first tooth came in, forgive them.  I bet they haven’t forgotten the day you came in!

8.  No matter how many of you there are, or how often your name gets butchered, or whether they can remember whose shirt is whose, your parents would not trade you, even on your bad days, for anyone else in this world.

And lastly, a note to the parents:
The grass is always greener and someone else’s kids are always cleaner.

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One thought on “A Note to All the Children in the World

  1. Love this and especially #5. I just decided to take another job that pays less but has less stress. I chose less stuff so I can enjoy my family more. Theresa

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