Mommy Wars

A wise friend has told me “I don’t get involved in Mommy wars.”  This is a sentiment I have been trying to follow for many years, yet it’s easier said than done.  Largely because it isn’t just about your children.  For some reason, at least in my world (the one in my head), there is an ongoing “mine is better than yours” battle.

I cannot remember anyone with whom I currently socialize ever making comparisons between their child and mine or their husband and mine or their church and mine with the intention of making me feel bad.  So why do I sometimes?

I am declaring that life is too short to compare yourself, your spouse, your child, your home, your job or your church to another.  No one and no situation is perfect.  I do not need to constantly try to convince myself that my situation is as good as Jane Doe’s.  I am refusing to participate in this battle (even though it is just in my head) anymore.

I want those reading this to know, I endeavor to actually mean what I say and will presume you do as well.  I will refuse to listen to the voice that says “Maybe they didn’t mean that” or “What did they mean by that?”

We are called to live together and should be attempting to build one another rather than destroy one another.  Since that is my desire, I am going to presume that it is the desire of those around me.  I am wholeheartedly glad for my friends with great kids, husbands, jobs, homes, churches and know that I am content in my life just as it is.


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