Does it amaze anyone else how, what and whom God uses to teach us lessons?  Have you ever heard someone, perhaps someone who tends to frustrate you, speak a word directly from God to your heart?  Have you ever been called out in a sermon or simply a discussion with a group of friends?  I don’t mean like some one used your name as an example of what not to do.  I mean the pastor is preaching a message on something and you are sure beyond sure that the pastor has your phone tapped?

Glad to know I’m the only one.  There are times that if I didn’t know my pastor was such a busy man, I would be convinced he spent days crafting a message just for me.  Sometimes I feel guilty that others have to sit through messages that I know are intended just for me, surely no one else has this issue.

The truth is, God is incredibly creative about how he sends us these little lessons.  Sometimes it is the obvious message of a pastor.  Sometimes it’s an encouraging text from your husband.  Sometimes it’s a facebook post made by a friend.  And sometimes it is from your kids. 

Many, many, many times I have heard myself speaking to my children and have heard God echoing in my ear. 
“If you would have listened to me…”
“How many times do I have to tell you….”
“You didn’t trust/believe me did you?”
“I don’t enjoy punishing you, but you don’t seem to learn when I tell you nicely.”

I could go on, but really there is no need.  If God wants you to get a message, He can find a way, or several, to get it to you.  You just have to be willing to listen, watch, wait and pray.

I am often reminded of one of my favorite scenes in the movie “Bruce Almighty”.  Bruce is driving down a highway begging God for a sign.  All along the road are huge signs, flashing signs, billboards saying “Stop” but all the while Bruce speeds on toward destruction begging for the signs he had already been given.

Do we live our life that way?  Do we speed along, going to fast to see the clues God has given us to guide our lives? 


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