View From My Window

When I look out my window and into my front yard, what do I see? Honestly, it depends on the day. When I am bogged down in the mundanities of life, stressed by all there is to do, I see an overwhelming mess. I see a porch that needs cleaned desperately. I see toys scattered throughout the property. I see bits of projects, started but not quite finished, laying haphazardly around. I see trash that the dog scattered, grass that usually needs cut and vehicles that need a bath.

You see, all too often I look out my window with tired, overwhelmed, grown-up eyes. Every once in a while, however, God blesses me with the insight and ability to see reality.

Reality is, out my window is a magical world. It is world in which 5 children run, shout, build, dream, imagine and play. It is a world in which apple trees are the greatest climbing devices ever made. It is a world in which a grove of small trees becomes an Indian Village, 5 gallon buckets become makeshift porta-potties (don’t ask), and spindly little shrubs and trees will someday drip with as much fruit as 6 kids can possibly eat.

And the all too stark reality is that this reality shall fade in the blink of an eye. Too soon this reality shall transition to a new reality, one in which these small children are chasing small children of their own. God is showing me how to slow down time while being excited about the future. I’m learning to love each moment of this time, these child raising years, before they disappear. Sure, I still get frustrated daily, but now I hear the voice whispering at me that there will come a time when I will wish for these moments and I try to avoid wishing them away.


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