Random Thoughts

Did you read the subtitle of this blog? Right there under “Moozann’s Mind”. I’ll wait, scroll up and check it out. Ok. Ready? I warned you.

On my previous post about Loopholes (Archive 2009): I checked on my boys yesterday only to find them playing in my Brother-In-Laws truck (why it’s here while he is in Missouri is a whole other story). I called them in and explained this was not allowed. I was countered with “It wasn’t on the list of things you said we couldn’t do”, you know – stay out of the mud, don’t play in the lake forming in our front yard, stay out of the barn… I explained that I cannot tell them everything they aren’t supposed to do, I can’t think that far ahead and encouraged them to use some thought. Are you allowed to play in the van? No. Were you allowed to play in the Suburban? No. Then why would you expect to be allowed to play in the truck? One asked me if I could give them a list of things they couldn’t do…..

On my previous post “Three year old say WWHHHAAATTT!” (Archive 2010): My three year old still needs help wiping when she potties, which is annoying to me, but I’m trying to deal with it. She’s so cute which makes it easier. She likes (especially at Grandma’s house) to run into the bathroom and hide waiting for me. Sometimes she hides behind the door or behind the towel hanging on the towel rack. Several times however, she has been sitting on the toilet with her eyes squeezed tight. “I was hiding behind my face!”

And one last rant, if you will indulge: I wonder why it’s okay for someone with one kid who is frustrating them while trying to get ready or accomplish a task, to have another kid, even though the one is frustrating them at that moment. Yet, if you have 5 and decide to have another you aren’t ever allowed to ever be frustrated with any of your other kids because “you are the one who decided to have another one.” To all of you with the “normal” number of kids (1-3) don’t you sometimes get frustrated with your children? Am I supposed to be super human because I have number six due in March? It’s not as if I can’t stand to be with my children, or manage them, or take them out in public or am embarrassed by them, or pawn them off on everyone else to raise. But I am sorry people, I get frustrated occasionally. But the truth is, I got frustrated just as much (probably more) when there were only 2!


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