Everyone is supposed to have them. Every preacher or self help specialist will tell you that with no clear goal in mind, you will reach it every time. I’ve heard messages at church, in books and on the radio all extolling the virtue of having goals. A plan. One must have a plan in order to achieve anything. I have struggled with this for years, unsure why but unable to adequately plan goals. I never understood why. Today, however, I have a more clear understanding of the problem. I still don’t know exactly why, but I do understand a little better the block.

Goals do not work for me. At least, not short term goals. Goals and I are like oil and water. I am, well, untidy. I don’t mean to be, I don’t want to be. I just am. I can clean. I can clean like a machine. You would be amazed how fast I can turn my pig-sty into a livable environment, I just lack the ability to keep it that way. Goals, the cleanies tell me. You need to have a routine (don’t get me started on that word) and goals. Set a plan for the day. Decide what you will do that day. Sounds like a great idea. Problem? It doesn’t work for me. Oh, you just aren’t committed enough, too distractable, people tell me. This is true. I’m horribly distractible. However, I contend it isn’t my fault. Murphy must have a law governing my life as it pertains to goals and plans. If I set a housecleaning goal for a day, before breakfast it will be destroyed, due to things outside my control. This happens often to me.

If, however, I get up, start working on something and get lost in whatever project I take up for the day, I am likely to get at least something accomplished. It’s a poor plan I agree, but so far it is the only one that seems to work for me. I can decide on a whim to clean my kitchen or my living room and it will look great. Or, I can get up with the plan of cleaning my kitchen and end up with a trip to the ER for a head wound or wrangling a 6 year-old out of a tree.

In short, I find goals to not be something one chooses and plans for. Rather I find goals to be something one must sneak up behind and catch when they are least expecting it. Well, I am off now to see what befalls me as I continue my day.


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