Three Year-Old say WHAAATTT?

Okay, so perhaps I have watched too much Hannah Montana. I have young children, it could be worse. Anyway, back to the purpose of this post, my three year old and her ability to say just the right thing.

My family and I spent the weekend with the in-laws while my husband helped roof their shed. It was a beautiful weekend and the kids spent much time playing outside. They all had a great time, as they always do with the grandparents who feel it is their duty to spoil them insanely (yet manage to expect the behavior we expect. They are awesome grandparents!)

The kids took turns joining Daddy on the scaffolding that was about 7 feet off the ground. The boys actually got on the roof, the girls were content to help from the scaffolding. The three year old was sure she was big enough to climb the ladder and join Daddy. She was so proud of herself. She said “See, I am a big girl. I am Queen of the World! I am a brave Queen!”

This child makes me laugh endlessly. Later Saturday evening, we were beginning to clean up the backyard for the night. Emily was riding her tricycle through the big, open backyard. “Look, Mommy, I’m doing it. I’m riding my bike!” She was so proud.

As Uncle Josh headed to the garage with the air compressor in tow, Emily and Josh’s paths intersected. Completely indignant that Josh should be in her way, she says loudly and clearly in her best big girl voice, “Excuse me! I’m riding my bike here!”

Grandpa, Mommy and Daddy all begin to laugh uncontrollably while Uncle Josh tries to stare her down. I believe she won the encounter.


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