What Will They Say Next?

If you have children you understand how entertaining they can be. They have a way of saying things that can make the meanest, crankiest, most irritable mommy laugh. I believe I am qualified to make that statement based on the following two pieces of information: 1) I am said mean, cranky, irritable mommy and 2)I have a lot of children (5 1/3 at present).

I always want to document these things to remember them, but never seem to have anything handy for writing. My sweet hubby likes to remind me that I have this handy device that I carry everywhere that has a place for notes – my cell phone. Since then I am trying to remember to jot notes in my phone so that later I can share my laughs will all of you. So here were go:

My 6 year old was pestering his 4 year old sister. She hit him back. He says to her “you aren’t supposed to return evil for evil” precisely as he was kicking her back. Pause, let you laugh. Funny huh. Then I explain to him that he can’t lecture his sister on the bible if he wasn’t going to try to follow it. His response? A huge grin! He knew all along!

Background for this story, I babysit for my friends’ boys a few days a week. They have a nine year old who gets along great with either my 10 year old son or my nine year old daughter, but not both at the same time. He likes to irritate and aggravate that girl just to make her whine. She’s good at whining. She could have a PhD and teach graduate classes on whining, she is so good. One can understand why both her brother and the other boy like to aggravate her (by the way, her daddy does it, too). Anyway, she comes storming in the other day with a major whine, foot stopping, the whole nine yards and says to me, “I don’t see how boys ever get married! They are all stinkers!” The funniest part is I have told his momma that I can see them marrying when they are grown!

Finally, for now, a story about my sweet 3 year old. Man is she cute. She has a way of saying things that make you have to hide your face as to not get caught laughing. Last night our family went on an impromptu camping trip. We arrived at the campground and looked around. We went to look at the lake. On our way up from the lake, my sweet daughter says to me, “Last time we were here, there wasn’t a lake.”


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