The Writing on the Walls

Have you ever had a child who liked to graffiti? My fourth child was, by far, my worst about writing on the walls. And doors. And dry erase board with Sharpie. Oh, and did I mention the wall at church? The problem that this darling, then 2 year-old, child had was that she always wrote her name. Well, not actually her name, I mean she was only two, but the letter “R” which stood for her name. When she wrote her “R” on the wall at church, it was hard to deny who did it. There really weren’t any other young children able to write whose names started with an “R”.

I used to joke that if she was going to write a name on a wall, she should write someone else’s name. It would be harder to trace to her if it said someone else’s name. Of course I never told her this, I wanted to be able to trace the graffiti to it’s author. Eventually this bright little girl learned to spell her whole name and to stop “tagging” the walls in our house. And doors. And dry erase boards, you get the picture.

It has been months since we have had an offence. Or should I say it HAD been months. Today, that precious, delightful, adorable, beautiful child (I am trying to remember as many good things as possible to protect her very life at this point. Don’t laugh, if you have children you know what I am talking about!) once again decided to try her hand at graffiti. Today however, she decided not to write on the walls. Or doors. Or dry erase board. Not even the walls at church. On what did she decide to graffiti?

My truck. Yep, my truck. With what did she decide to write on my truck? A rock. Yep. She took a rock and etched a name in it. However, she must have finally learned that “tagging” with your own name was a bad idea. She wrote her brother’s name. Unfortunately for her, she didn’t realize that she shouldn’t eagerly exclaim “I did!” when Daddy asked “Who did this?!”

Perhaps this will be her last attempt at graffiti!

The pictures you are seeing show my reflection and the reflection of my fence in my blue truck. If you look you will see “HOA”, part of Noah. She couldn’t scratch his name into the dirt, so she decided to scratch it into the truck.


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