Experiment, Day 1 – The End of Day 1

I know you have been waiting, anticipating the results of Day 1. If you have no idea about what I am babbling, read the post right under this one. You won’t really know much more, but you will at least know a little more.

Okay, so after reminding my children of the prior hardships they have had to endure, and assuring the oldest that he did not actually die from the beans and rice, that he is still alive and kicking, I was able to make my point. I believe they saw both the rationality of trying the experiment and the futility of arguing with their crazy momma. All went quite well. Okay, you got me, most went quite well. I do have a four year-old in Kindergarten. She didn’t actually do very well. She whined during math, whined during reading and even said “Why do you make us do boring stuff?” But then, she is actually only 4. I give her a little slack.

The three older children did quite well. I saw more diligence and patience at working than I have seen recently. Of course, the first day is usually the easiest. Tomorrow we try again (on a Saturday no less!)


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