I am beginning a new homeschool experiment today. That sounds kind of bad, doesn’t it? Oh well, it is what it is, as my dear friend says. Like most homeschool moms that I know, I feel like I am blowing it most days. I was intrigued by an website I read explaining one dad’s homeschool theory. While I do not agree completely with him, I was very, shall we say – piqued. How could I use this thought with my kids? Hmmm…

Without trying to explain his lengthy argument or his theory, and without boring you with my plan, I want to document my children’s attitude about school and academic progress during the next 29 days (the rest of April) while we experiment. I will try to update as often as I have something to report. If it is boring, well, sorry. You don’t have to read it!

Day 1 –
My children are still sleeping unsuspectingly in their own beds. Picture sinister background music as the mad scientist a.k.a. Homeschool Momma begins pulling out the materials needed and planning the peptalk. Eerie laughter as Momma anticipates their surprise and lack of enthusiasm, Ha Ha Ha! (Okay, actually listening to a little praise music and somehow a little Beethoven who managed to sneek his way into my playlist.)

I have it all planned out. I will explain to the darlings how they have survived TV Free August, not once but twice, how they survived rice and beans as part of the crazy pastors fast in October, and most recently how they have survived 40 days (actually 47 counting Sundays) with no pop. With this reminder firmly in their minds, thinking of how it could be worse and how each of these things got easier as the time progressed, and reminding them that Momma and Daddy didn’t change their minds so resitance is futile, I will encourage them to look at the next 29 days (minus Sundays so only 25 really) as a great opportunity for growth! Now there is a run-on sentence to be proud of!

First child just awoke. Tune in later to see how it went!


One thought on “Experiment

  1. I Love experimenting on, I mean, with my children! It's so much fun, and I'm going to be blamed if they don't turn out quite right anyway, so I might as well get the joy of trying out my ideas on real live guinea pigs, right?!

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