Did your mom really just say that?

I was chatting on the phone with my amazing husband today when I uttered words that made him break out into laughter. I found nothing strange nor very amusing in my statement. Had I been chatting with a mom friend, they would not have found it nearly so funny. They would have barely noticed the statement that I made to my child in the midst of my grown up phone conversation. All I said was “If someone did puke on that, it was long enough ago that it is clean now.”

Yes, my husband seemed to find this verging on hysterical. My husband concluded that I was equating time with clean. Apparently in his mind I was saying that time alone would make the item in question clean. Ok, so I suppose that is funny.

What I really meant, and I am sure any mom could understand, was that since there was no visible puke on the toy in question and I could not actually recall any event of puking, it had obviously been cleaned since the alleged puking experience. Dads! They just can’t read a mom’s mind!


2 thoughts on “Did your mom really just say that?

  1. What I wonder is what did said child glean from this statement? I can see it now, several years hence. . . "Hey Mom, how long is it that you are supposed to wait until the puke is clean?" 🙂 !!!

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