Five Little Monkeys

God has blessed me with five amazing and adorable children. It is easy as a parent to get frustrated with our children and get focused on the negative. I want to take a moment and write the great and amazing things about my children.

My oldest boy, Zack, just turned 10. He is amazing. I know I keep using that word, but I just don’t know a better one! He is Daddy’s mini-me Zack is very bright and thinks non-stop. He is constantly planning and processing and trying to figure the neatest, coolest way to do something. He is a hard worker (when on a task he chooses!) and very thorough. He is a bit of a perfectionist. He marches to the beat of the drum in his head, and on the table, on the desk, on the computer, on his brother’s head. His world if filled with sound and noise. He must be listening to or making sound and music at all times. He is already showing natural leadership tendencies. He will do great things for God!

Allison is 8 (and 1/2, don’t forget). She is my mini-me. She thinks like I do, acts like I did. She is a constant reminder of my childhood. She is beautiful, sweet, and kind. She is compliant. She desires to please the adults in her world. She loves schoolwork and books. She is learning to sew and draw. She has a heart to serve. Despite her similarities to me, she is so much more than I ever dreamed I would be. God has a hold on her heart and fills her with his love. She will be a super mom and a great wife. She will start her married life in a place that took me years to find. She will be blessed by the Lord for her willingness to serve her family.

My Noah is almost 6! I always call him “my Noah”. He is this great mixture of his parents. As much as his older brother is his dad’s childhood carbon copy, Noah is his dad’s adult carbon copy. He has his dad’s “peculiarities”. He is laid back and easy going, until he determines something is worth fighting for, then there is no moving him. He’s compliant, until you hit his line in the sand. He knows right and wrong and is steadfast about it. He is fiercely devoted to protecting his younger sister. When Rachel is hurt or upset, Noah is there to help her and protect her. There is still something unique inside him that I haven’t figured out yet, but I know God has a plan to use this boy for something amazing.

Rachel is recently 4. She is beautiful beyond belief, smart beyond all understanding. I knew my kids were all smart, (what parent doesn’t, right) but Rachel has astounded my from the start. She has a deep beauty that shines through her eyes and a brain that excels her beauty. More importantly than either of those, however, she knows God in a way that astounds me daily, even hourly sometimes. She sees God in everything and talks of Him as she does her Daddy. She knows, somehow at this young age, that God is the best Daddy in the world. She loves and adores her earthly Daddy, but also really gets the love of her heavenly Daddy. I learn from her constantly. I can’t even begin to guess what God is doing with her, but I know He is working out his plan even now.

Emily is my youngest at 2 and 1/2 going on 5. She is so young that it is hard to have a handle on her personality completely, but she definitely is her own person. She is very bright, repeats everything, and loves people. She is affectionate at her own desire, only gives hugs and kisses when she wants and cannot be coerced otherwise! She is independent and can do it herself. If the other kids can do it, so can she. She is thinker and a world watcher. You might think she’s not really paying any attention, but don’t bet on that! I am not sure where God is taking her, but I am sure she will be going for a great ride!

It sounds like I am trying to make my kids sound perfect. I know they aren’t perfect. I spend way too much time dwelling on their weaknesses. I am learning, however, that strengths and weaknesses are two ends of the same line. That which is a weakness in our lives, is usually a strength in disguise. Our strengths can be our weaknesses. A strong willed child can be raised to be an independent adult who is a great leader. A tender hearted child can be easily manipulated by others. That which we view as strengths and that which we view as weaknesses are just unmanaged character traits. God gives us our character traits. It is our job as parents to raise our children so that their heart is willing to allow God to mold their character for His purposes!


One thought on “Five Little Monkeys

  1. I love all your little monkeys! It is amazing that God has chosen us to parent all these special little ones!! I agree about using their "perceived" weaknesses and turning them into strengths!! 🙂 You are an amazing mom!

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