Many Hands

Many hands make light work. I realized after putting together a baby shower for a friend this weekend, just how true that statement is. I looked around the room with 40 people gathered to celebrate the exciting and wonderful event. I was amazed to see what had developed from the simple desire held by many women to bless a much deserving friend.

Two months ago I appointed myself in charge of said baby shower. That is how I like to work. I organize other people into having to do all the work! I decided as the self-proclaimed organizer, that I must get all the amazing women that I work with (volunteer with would be a better statement) to do their collective things. I called one friend and assigned her the job of decorating. She immediately accepted the job, delegating much of it to another, incredibly talented friend. We asked the fourth “baby shower committee member” what she wanted and YAY! she wanted to do the food. Immediate agreement was made as to who had to do the cake and she eagerly agreed.

Five women planning and preparing, never actually meeting as a group, were able to pool their talents and create a fabulous shower. No one woman did more than they were capable of. No one woman incurred too much expense so as to burden their load. No one woman carried the stress alone or took the compliments alone.

I have worked with these same women on many, many events and activities and been amazed each time. These beautiful, humble, amazing women have so much talent and love that it pours out in all they do. I am honored to work with them on such events.

My question, how is it possible to see people pull together for a special event and yet so many of us feel so burdened and overwhelmed with our daily lives? Isn’t there a way we can help ease each other’s burdens in daily life?


One thought on “Many Hands

  1. That very first statement is so true isn't it!! It reminds me of the Amish and how they would come together to help build each other's houses and how quickly they could get them done!! The best part about that statement is that….. isn't it much more fun to work with others anyway than by yourself!! šŸ˜‰ Thanks for organzing her shower and I was blessed to be a part of it all!

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