Are those all yours?

I find myself wondering how it is we have come to this place in society. I know the idea was to replace yourself with your children and no more, but really, how did we come to let that idea so over take our world. How did we come to the point of three children is a nice, acceptable number, but four, wow that’s A LOT!

People ask me if I always wanted a large family. I’m not really sure. I was the youngest of five, but despite the world even then making it sound so unusual, I didn’t really think of us as a large family. Perhaps that is because my father was one of nine children and my mother was one of 11 children. Yes, that’s right. I have 18 biological aunts and uncles before you even start counting their spouses. Now that’s a big family reunion!

My husband is one of two children. His parents came from families of two and three children. My husband always wanted a lot of kids. When we were dating, he wanted six kids. I wanted two. I don’t know that I cared, actually, I just figured two made sense. We agreed upon a nice even four. Now we have five. Who knows, my darling hubby might get his six kids after all!

What really amazes me today is the reaction people have when I am out is public. Why do people think it is perfectly acceptable to make rude comments, in front of my children, about something of no importance to them. I don’t go up to people and comment on wearing their pajamas to the store or that perhaps they might want to remember to actually wear more than their underwear in public, yet they will say the most unkind things to us. My favorite is “You know what causes that?” My husband has taken to answering, “Yes, and we are good at it!” If you are going to be rude and crude to us, perhaps we should reply in kind.

You also find the mom with one or two children at the store who says, “I don’t know how you do it with five, I can barely handle my two.” Usually when that statement is made, it is obvious to all those around that she can barely handle her two. She is usually out of breath from trying to keep them out of things.

Then you get the even more surprising comments like, “What a beautiful family!” “More people should have large families.” “You are so blessed.” Comments like this are far more frequent than one might believe. Nearly every time I take my children grocery shopping I am stopped by some, usually older, person who admires my children and my family. I am thankful for those people.


One thought on “Are those all yours?

  1. I love getting those good comments too! I always try and compliment big families for that very reason! The one I get annoyed most about is when people say I have my hands full! I mean I do have my hands full at times but so is my heart!! 😉

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