Things I never thought I would say

When I became a parent, many things changed inside me that I never expected. I learned first hand about true, sacrificial love. I developed magnified vision enabling me to see microscopic germs on bathroom door knobs. I developed super hearing allowing me to tune out alarm clocks but awaken to they cry of children rooms away. And I lost the ability to connect logical thought to my words before they come out of my mouth.

For example? Well, the day I uttered the now much remembered phrase “You may not ride your sister!” I realized I had crossed some line, never to return.

Being parents of principle, my husband and I agreed our children would not be allowed to eat french fries until after eating their grease laden hamburgers or nuggets. With the advent of bagged apples at fast food places instead of french fries we found our selves saying “You may not eat your apples until you have eaten your cheeseburger!” What are we thinking?


3 thoughts on “Things I never thought I would say

  1. First of all, I am so glad that you have started a blog!! Did you know that I have one too? They are fun!! I mostly use mine to document my family happenings… kinda of like a scrapbook but lately I have been wanting to use it more for other things like things that I am learning…. so we will see where it goes? I'm looking forward to all that you have to say and write… I really enjoy the way you think!! I've already added you to my google reader!! 😉 Now concerning your first post, I, too, was thinking that same thing the other day. The other day I had to say, "Grace, we do not put sour cream in your brother's armpit!" I never thought I would say that before! I hadn't posted it yet but I was going to start a series on my blog of things I've never thought I would say and I'm sure that comment will be my frist one!! Well, I love it!! Love Annie

  2. U already know this story….but Jason says that he remembers one day in the car when our oldest was saying teenagery things that was making him angry…but he was driving & also did not want to curse…i could see his face getting redder as he yellled.”You are FULL OF……Fruits and vegtables!”….Neither of us saw that comming! But he did not cuss…and we all burst out laughing and what could have been a worse outcome, became instead a funny memory! Keep em comin….Moozann!

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